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Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd was established in Melbourne in 1990 when Ken McDonald, the Duplex CEO, jumped at the opportunity to exclusively distribute the innovative Italian Duplex floor scrubber in Australia and New Zealand....


177 Beavers Rd, Northcote, VIC, Victoria , Australia, 3070

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After lots of early success selling the Duplex 420 on the road and plenty of positive word of mouth it was quickly time for Duplex Cleaning Machines to expand operations. duplex-family From this small humble beginning Duplex Cleaning Machines has gone from strength to strength and now runs a national operation with distributors in all states and major cities. After twenty years of operation the Duplex Cleaning Machines brand is exceptionally strong and highly respected in many industries nationally. Over the years the Duplex Cleaning Machines product range has also vastly expanded. Beginning with only the Duplex floor scrubber, Duplex Cleaning Machines now boasts a range of over thirty stocked machines including floor scrubbers, battery powered floor scrubbers, sweepers, steam cleaners, steam vacuums, high filtration vacuums and even escalator cleaners; All of which are designed to make everyday cleaning tasks faster, easier and safer than traditional cleaning methods.



Equipment - Cleaning

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