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A Taste of The Bush

Grocery - Herbs & Spices
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My first experience with Australian native herbs and spices was at a gourmet food market, where I noticed a stallholder selling Lemon Myrtle. At the first hint of its lovely fragrance I was completely bowled over. ...


1 Enterprise Dr, Berkeley Vale, NSW, New South Wales , Australia, 2261

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I didn’t realize at the time what an impact it would have on my life. As bit by bit I experimented with more of the herbs and spices that were available, I began to incorporate them into most of my cooking. In the early days I started to make muffins, cakes and friands, taking them to the markets to sell. As more people began to show interest, I expanded my range to include pastries, tarts and flans using the various peppers and Bush Tomato. I discovered that by combining the different herbs, really nice flavours could be achieved. As the demand grew for the actual herbs and spices, I moved away from cooking for the markets and began to develop recipes that were easily made and that most of us would be familiar with. I have found an enormous amount of interest from people who wanted to use them but didn’t know how, and had many requests for simple recipes. The obvious solution was to put together an easy to use, bright little cookery book and that is what I have done.



Grocery - Herbs & Spices

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