Contacting a company

If you are a user looking to contact a company listed on Find my Rice you can simply message them through the Message Us form on their Company Profile page. This message will be forwarded to the email address the company provided when they first created their profile. You can also contact the company via telephone or by visiting their website if an address has been provided. We do not provide direct email addresses for any companies listed on Find My Rice to prevent this information being used for spam.

How do I change my password?

You can change your Find My Rice password by logging in to your account:


  1. Log in to Find My Rice via the login link located at the top of most Find My Rice pages;
  2. Click the My Profile link, and then click the Edit Profile link on the left;
  3. On the Password line, add the new password;
  4. Repeat the new password and press save. Your password has been saved.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

Retrieving your password is very simple. You can go to the Forgot Password page or click on the link in the login box.

Change or update my contact details

To change your contact details you will need to log in using your email address & password. Once logged in, navigate to the Edit Details menu option. Once there you will be able to change your contact information. Make sure you save the information before leaving the page.