Getting Started

Emails from Find My Rice

From time to time you will receive emails from These emails may take the form of a news or in the form of updates to your profile and activity on the site. We will send these emails to keep you informed of important information but if you don't want to receive this information for any reason you are free to opt out. Simply click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and you will not receive these emails in the future.


Because we send a number of different emails and you may be subscribed to different lists you may need to unsubscribe from each list individually. 

Searching on Find My Rice

First and foremost is a hospitality search engine. But there are a number of different tips to getting the most out of our search tool:


  1. When searching for a product or service start with a general term first. Once you have some results you can then refine your search using our filtering options to the left of the search screen;
  2. Using a combination of words can help when searching products e.g. if you are looking for Individual Strawberry Cheesecakes a better search term to start with would be straw cheese cake. Because our search is able to put words together, separating words means you are more likely to get a result no matter how the supplier has named the product;
  3. When searching for a type of company try using the advanced search option. Select the Primary Product or Service you are looking for. This is a great way of finding a new bakery, butcher, etc.
  4. Using the search suggestions can help you find a specific product however this will also return less options as it is more targeted.


You can also view our video How to run a search on Youtube to get the most out of our search tool.