Registering a new user account

To register with Find My Rice:

      1. Go to the registration page.

      2. Enter your contact and personal information.

      3. Enter an email address that you can check immediately.*

      4. Create your password.

      5. Read and accept our Website Usage Policy and Privacy Policy.  

      6. Check your email.

* If you lost your registration email or if it never arrived, we can resend the email. To set up a company profile, you’ll need to register as a company. Learn more about promoting your business on Find My Rice.

Setting up a company profile

To set up a company profile you simply need to select the List Your Company link from the top menu. You then need to follow each of the steps requiring different pieces of information. As you enter this information it will be stored in our system and upon completion you will receive an email to activate your account.


The next step is to log into your company account via the login link in the top menu. Once logged in you will navigate to the Profile tab and fill in the remainder of the information. Uploading a logo and profile image will make sure your company appears in front of other companies in a search. Once you have filled in all of the profile information press the Save & Publish button to commit the changes. Your company profile will now be active.